Janice M Fahey montage

A Life Remembered

  • We're all the same
  • Freedoms
  • Deceptions
  • Fallacies
  • Truths

    We hold these truths to be universal:

    1. We are ALL weak, in one respect or another, it is really a matter of degree and how we manage our weaknesses, aka challenges.
    2. While substance (alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, TV, etc) abuse may not define who we ARE, it certainly limits who and what we can BE.
    3. Deception is NEVER a good thing, not in business and not in relationships.
    4. We receive more genuine support, love, respect, and even admiration, when we are honest with others about our challenges and our commitment to dealing with them.
    5. In a culture and time (America 2003) where we are so concerned about building and preserving individual esteem, we fail to realize a powerful tool on the path to healthy self-esteem is exercising self-discipline.
    6. We cannot do it alone. We are relational creatures, and can enjoy our greatest strengths and triumphs when we have healthy relationships.
Jan was lured by freedom and then caught in the web of deceptions and fallacies.
We might have failed her by not giving her truth with love, and by not helping her see the deceptions and fallacies for what they were. Don't let another day pass in the life of someone you know who can benefit from Jan's life and death.

Share our lesson, tell the truth, show love.
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