Janice M Fahey montage

A Life Remembered

  • We're all the same

    We believe that Jan lost her way, and that none of us is immune to a lost or broken life. We often take life for granted, for although we know life is hard, some aspects of it seem easy, a "given", or a sure thing. We think the enemies in this world are burglars, terrorists, cancer and other diseases ... we forget that for many of us the enemy is much closer, it is our own self-indulgence, that thing we mistakenly label FREEDOM, but in fact is really just an abuse of substances and isolation.

    We start out this life in ignorance (youth lacks the wisdom of experience), then as we learn and should be maturing, we foolishly exercise our "freedoms". (Alternatively we COULD practice self-discipline.) When needed, we accept the deceptions of the media. (Alternatively we COULD recognize the media deceptions for what they are: a manipulation.) Finally, we become trapped by pride or embarrassment. But, the trap is no more real than we let it be.

  • Freedoms
  • Deceptions
  • Fallacies
  • Truths
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